Future workforce skills: don't play catch-up and cultivate the change mindset

Don’t play catch-up and cultivate the change mindset

Future workforce skills: don't play catch-up and cultivate the change mindset

How do we instil motivation to learn in younger generations? How do we cultivate the right mindset to become resilient, adaptable, and hungry for change? We use generative AI engines these days – is it ethical? These are just a few questions that were asked by a very curious, young audience at the recent Parliamentary Skills Summit. Isn’t the future exciting?

There are many reasons behind companies’ need for change, technology advancements undoubtedly being one of the main driving forces behind organisational improvements. Agility, resilience, and adaptability are critical factors behind those changes, and the pressure on implementation and the culture of continuous improvement is visible across many entities. With the younger generations entering the workforce, there is an opportunity to rethink the internal organisational agility approach and futureproof the skillset. It is very encouraging to see companies investing in the ‘outside of the box’ approaches to their learning and development programmes that nurture curiosity and align the organisational culture to values associated with a change mindset.

Sounds like the fix to the problem? Well, it is not just about that. While investing in internal capabilities is the right way forward, it is certainly not the only thing that will revolutionise the ever-evolving enterprise.

Do you know what will? Developing a change mindset.

We should not neglect the so-called 'soft skills' that involve developing the ability to embrace and adapt to change positively. Here are my top three tips for you on cultivating the change mindset:

Stay curious

Stay curious and open to new ideas and perspectives. Listen and read about things that perhaps are slightly outside of your usual 'go-tos' - as this will counter your biases and open new perspectives. Stay curious.

Embrace your resilience

Life is not a Disney movie; challenges and setbacks are part of it, and sometimes there is no happy ending. It is essential to accept that setbacks are a natural part of any change process and that moving forward is crucial for mental health and self-improvement. Embrace your resilience by focusing on the future and learning from your failures rather than dwelling on them.

Don't get lazy

A few weeks ago, I spoke to a wise and tremendously successful person who confessed to me that in his brain, there is one prevailing amongst many thoughts: Do not get lazy - you can do it now. He had a change mindset; he believed in continuous self-improvement, and you can too. Adopting a belief that your abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and a good work ethic will help you view challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, once famously said, 'Stay hungry. Stay foolish', so remember, wherever you are on your career journey, a better future for you starts with you. Talk to me, if you want to trigger the change mindset journey for you and your team.

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