Keynote speaker

Keynote speaker

Do you want to motivate your team? Perhaps you want to become better at managing change?

Do you want to inspire your team? Book me as a keynote speaker!

Recently, I was invited as a panellist at the Parliamentary Skills Summit, where I talked about why cultivating a change mindset is an important skill to have. Let’s talk about your upcoming event!

Change and Transformation advisory


How to deal with the change cynics?

How to change in 21 days?

Transformational change programme for you and your team that focuses on cultivating the change culture.

SWAP your old ways into a new change mindset.

Dealing with PTSD: Post Transformation Stress Disorder and a fresh start.

How to cope with change and shine?

These are just some of my bespoke masterclasses, let’s talk – I would love to find out what you need.


I develop practical and relevant workshops aimed at bringing the practice to non-change practitioners and helping you to add a voice to practical change.

Kickstart your change game: enhance curiosity and change your mindset. This workshop helps you discover secret weapons you already have within your team!

Book a 1:1 with me to discuss your specific needs!

Not the only players on the pitch: misconceptions in change managementNot the only players on the pitch: misconceptions in change management